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Coming Out

Coming Out


Living a lie can be tough, but the decision to come out as gay is not always easy, either—especially if you are still at school. Charlie, Clay, Josh, and Grant are openly gay high school boys who share their coming out stories.

“The absolute worst room in the entire school—worse than the bio lab during frog dissection season, when the whole room smells like formaldehyde, and worse than the basement bathroom that the janitor never cleans and is always sticky and smells like cigarette smoke—is the locker room.”

Fears are confronted, tears can’t be avoided, and friendships are put at risk. Each story is unique, but what is common for all of the boys is that when they claim the life that is rightfully theirs, it will get better.

Cover Operation Silent Moon

Operation Silent Moon


Corporal Dennis Benson is a Marine who serves in a special operations battalion together with Sergeant Adler Williams. Despite the tight bond between the elite unit Marines, Dennis has not found the courage to tell Adler, or the rest of his team, that he is gay. Adler’s own life is turned upside down when his wife tells him that she is pregnant. Before the men can address their looming concerns, their worlds are shaken yet again.

Dennis and Adler are sent on a dangerous mission in South Sudan, where they meet Jafar, a young nurse who works at the US Embassy. Soon all three meet their enemies and their lives are in danger, unless they find a way to escape. Operation Silent Moon is a story about young men who are searching for their place in the big world.